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Jenny DeLorenzo - The Curious Plantaholic

From one plant lover to another

My love for plants began at a very early age as I did not always have a stable home and plants helped me to feel more comfortable. My friends were my family and we had a favorite café in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, filled with large plants and a beautiful skylight. Sitting there with our hot chocolate is one of my favorite memories. I remember thinking about how magical that space felt and how I always wanted to recreate that feeling in my home.

I was 18 when I got my first apartment and first Pothos Marble Queen plant. Growing her was like therapy to me. Not too long after my first plant, I had my first son. I soon moved into a bigger home and in 2013, we all moved to our current home in Moore Township, Pennsylvania.

I now have three sons and a home that’s literally built for plants with many large East and South-facing windows and plenty of outdoor space. Moving into this home was a plant-lovers dream. I now own over 200 personal plants, found in every room in my home.

Being a young mother, my college plans were put on hold. In my thirties, I decided to focus on another passion and went back to college for Environmental Science with a focus on conservation. Learning about soil and different types of environments plants grew in really helped in the care of my personal plants.

I have a small greenhouse where I grow some of my plants on my own property. I sell my plants at local farmer’s markets and on social media. I finally caved to a website so I can pursue my dream of my very own plant shop where I can continue my love of connecting with real plant people. The only thing I love more is teaching children about plants and plant care, giving them the nurturing tools not found on YouTube or video games.

I strongly believe plant therapy is real, and it has connected me to some of the most beautiful souls ever. I just want to share this feeling with everyone. And that first Pothos Marble Queen plant? I still have it, sitting on a long wooden shelf above my bed, reminding me of everything that has happened to me, my family, and my plants over the past 20 years.



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